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Heintzman made their first piano in 1860 and their last in 1985 producing almost 272,000 pianos in 125 years
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Twenty-five years ago there were two books written about the Canadian piano industry. Nothing before or since. Downright Upright by Wayne Kelly told the brief story of Canadian piano makers. Ladislav Cselenyl–Granch wrote about the Willis family in Under the Sign of the Big Fiddle. Although both of these books were extremely popular in the 1990s they are virtually non-existent on today’s library shelves. Trying to find them in an eBook format is just as rare. When these books were produced many of the piano builder family’s were still alive. The last of the factories were only recently closed and the employees still alive to tell the tales of a once great industry that no longer existed. The purpose of this site is to find the lost and missing history of an industry that employed thousands, shipped around the world, giving some national pride and now is gone. Help us to find the lost so we can tell the world that Canada was once a mighty maker of music in pianos and organs. Help us to find this information before it becomes dismantled, burned, thrown or tossed into the garbage and forever lost. The best way to contact us or share information is via email.
In 1885 Canada was exporting organs and pianos around the world. By 1985 the industry was closing.
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