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In 1885 Canada was exporting organs and pianos around the world. By 1985 the industry was closing.
Below as a list of Canadian piano serial numbers for the big names in the Canadian Piano industry. This list has been compiled from several sources and is only a partial listing of the 200 piano makers that existed in Canada. There is also a web site link to the United States piano serial numbers.
For a more complete listing or for a specific serial number contact your local piano technician or contact the ultimate piano serial number expert at
Pierce Piano Atlas
Canadian Piano Serial Numbers
United States Piano Serial Numbers
The Canadian Piano Museum is located in Napane, Ontario.  The Guelph Civic Museum is operated by the city of Guelph.
Canadian Piano Museum
Guelph Civic Museum
Web Site Links
This section is for information on other Canadian piano and organ makers as well as links to other useful sites. 
Ontario furniture companies got into the piano making business as it was another wood product and the pianos actions were made in up state New York.
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