In 1885 Canada was exporting organs and pianos around the world. By 1985 the industry was closing.
Bell Newsletters
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June 2005 Early history of the Bell Company, 1868 advertising, & serial numbers.
September 2005 A history of William Bell Sr, A Bell piano restoration story, and chronology of company events.
December 2005 What is a reed organ, Bell organs in the Guelph Civic Museum.
June 2006 Early history of the Bell Company, 1868 advertising, and serial numbers.
March 2006 Saint Alban's Bell organ, Bell piano #83, Canada's golden age of piano making, Dowling buys Bell 1928.
September 2006 An early Bell piano returns home. Is this a Bell piano? The Cracked Bell Mystery part 2.
January 2007 Did Bell make grand pianos? Bell’s legacy. Cracked Bell Mystery part 3. Illimitable piano action.
April 2007 The Bell Company’s 11 patents. First of several articles. The Crac ked Bell Mystery part 4.
January 2009 Four Bell family piano stories, Bell's patented 4 pedal piano, The Cracked Bell Mystery parts 5 and 6.
Historical Overview Overview of the Bell Company. Origins, founder, first piano, and serial numbers.
In order to have Queen Victoria’s likeness used it required the queen’s consent. The Bell Company was the only organ and piano business to receive such consent.
Historical Note:
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