William Bell Sr. took over his brother’s fledgling organ business in 1867 and by 1885 had expanded to exporting organs to the world.
Historical Note:
Welcome to the Bell Piano and Organ website. The place to look for information about Canadian made Bell pianos and organs. This is also the location to find information on other Canadian made musical instruments including piano serial numbers. The newsletters were originally created between 2005 and 2008. Time has not allowed for them to updated or new ones added, unfortunately. Yet they do provide a basis for historical information. Resource material is being updated when required. There are links to other Guelph and Canadian sources of piano and organ information. The ‘Your Stories’ section will highlight individual stories that have been passed on over the years with as much history and pictures as possible. The best way to contact us or share information is via email.
In 1885 Canada was exporting organs and pianos around the world. By 1985 the industry was closing.
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Factory building 1 (above) in down town Guelph was mostly unused after 1931. After a second fire in 1975 the building became a parking lot.
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